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International Society of Hypnosis (the "Organization" or "ISH") is organized and operated exclusively for charitable* scientific, and educational purposes, primarily scientific and educational purposes, to promote and engage in education and research in the discipline of hypnosis. Its members include psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, dentists, and others. ISH through its members' activities and its own meetings and publications sponsors and fosters scientific research and the dissemination of scientific knowledge to the public, both lay and medical professional, and among its own members. The scientific and published materials sent with the original Form 1023 evidence the overwhelming emphasis placed by the Organization on scholarly research and publication. The Organization does not have any non-charitable, non-scientific, or non-educational purpose or purposes which is or are substantial in nature. Indeed, it is not organized or operated for any purpose which is not charitable, scientific, or educational.


It is not the purpose, operation, or action of the organization in any degree to promote the common business interests of its members. The organization is not organized or operated to promote high professional standards in a particular specialty as is typical of many section organizations, While its members include psychologists, psychiatrists, physicians, dentists and others, it does not regulate any of these professions and does not regulate any 'profession of hypnosis' which in fact does not exist. Hypnosis is simply a therapeutic modality used by health care professionals as a part of their practice.


Membership Benefits: 

  • Belong to one of the largest patronage that promotes therapeutic application and research in Hypnosis worldwide!
  • You will be able to enter the restricted member area of this website to get valuable information and downloads!
  • Being a member of the ISH you are automatically subscribed to “The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis”!
  • You will automatically receive the ISH E-Mail Newsletter for free!
  • As a constituent society member you will have the right and the privilege to represent your society in COR-meetings (COR = Council of Representatives)!
  • You will have the ability to sponsor an abstract at the triennial ISH Congress -THE place to present your newest research in hypnosis!
  • ISH members can register for International Congresses of ISH at a reduced rate!
  • You are entitled to receive various ISH-sponsored prizes and awards!
  • ISH members will receive a membership certificate.

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International Society of Hypnosis
International Society of Hypnosis