The Effect of Hypnosis on Adherence to Antituberculosis Drugs Using the Health Belief Model

An RCT on the efficacy of hypnosis in improving adherence to antituberculosis treatment using the Health Belief Model (HBM). Sixty study subjects were sampled at random from tuberculosis patients who visited the Center for Pulmonary Community Health in Solo, Indonesia. Hypnotherapy with posthypnotic suggestions was delivered once a week over 6 months. The data on pretested 7 HBM constructs were analyzed using t test and path analysis. Hypnotherapy had a positive effect on perceived susceptibility, seriousness, threat, benefit, and self-efficacy. It indirectly had a positive effect on adherence. Hypnotherapy had a negative effect on perceived barrier. This study supports the hypothesis that hypnotherapy effectively improves adherence to tuberculosis treatment, by enhancing health-related perception and beliefs in the HBM.